Apple will release augmented reality glasses next year.

According to a research note from a reputable analyst, Apple's first AR headset will be released in the fourth quarter of 2022.

This analyst predicted that the headset would be released next year in March, and he's now providing more technical details about the device.

The long-rumored augmented reality glasses project will finally see the light of day late next year with the release of the first device with two processors to support its advanced capabilities.

In addition, there are two CPUs in the head glasses. One with the same processing power as the M1 and another with lower power to handle inputs from various sensors.

Because it has the same level of computing power as the M1, the high-end processor's PMU is designed similarly to the M1.

Between 6 and 8 optical units are included in the headset to provide continuous video augmented reality services at the same time.

The iPhone, on the other hand, can operate with up to three optical units at the same time and does not require continuous computing.

Virtual reality experiences are also said to be supported by the headset. Sony's 4K Micro OLED displays are to thank for this.

And computing power for the headset at the Mac (PC) level. Its ability to operate without limitations, as well as its broad range of applications, set it apart from competitors.

The company intends to support a wide range of apps, with the goal of eventually replacing the iPhone within ten years.

The device was either completely self-contained or required an iPhone or a separate processor box to stream content, according to reports.

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