A new version of Android makes low budget phones faster

Google has released "Android 12," a new version of the operating system that makes low-cost phones speedier and more efficient.

The "Android 12 Go" version boosts the performance of phones running it by 20% and makes animations and videos easier to use.

In addition, Android 12 Go introduces a new function that allows the operating system to save battery life and storage space by hibernating infrequently used apps.

Google has included the Files Go feature in the Android 12 Go operating system, which allows users to safely erase any files or media and then restore them after 30 days if needed.

And, thanks to the new privacy indicators on the status bar, Google added another feature of its new operating system, which includes privacy improvements, as the privacy dashboard in Android 12 moves to "Go" mode, which can be used to review all the permissions that your applications can access and revoke them as needed. You can also see if the phone's microphone or camera is active.

You can also limit apps' access to your approximate location rather than your specific location with the update.

You can now open a temporary guest account right from the lock screen if you ever want to let someone use your device, and Android 12 Go will immediately reset this function after you're done.

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