Meta provides a feature that allows you to visit friends in the Metaverse

Users of VR helmets manufactured by “Oculus” will soon have the opportunity to visit other worlds, in an update that Meta will introduce to the helmets as a new step towards the world of “Metaverse”.
Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Meta published a video clip showing his avatar interacting with a character he hosted in his “virtual home”, that is, the universe he chose to see when he wore his helmet (such as a balcony in the mountains or a space station ...).

And in the next update to the Quest helmets, users will be able to “invite their friends to spend time together, watch videos, or go to apps directly from the virtual home.”

Even today, users of “Quest 2” helmets can meet their friends in virtual evenings, explore the worlds of “Horizon Worlds”, the main virtual reality platform for “Meta”, or participate in a two-player game.

But they cannot be together in each other’s homes.

Meta is gradually adding features that make it more involved in the world of Metaverse.

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