The PlayStation VR2 has been officially announced

The new PlayStation VR2 headset was announced, with the majority of its features disclosed.

The VR headset connects through a single USB C cable, and the internal hardware and performance characteristics are vastly improved over the previous model.

The VR headset will have 4K resolution, HDR, and 3D audio, as well as an OLED screen capable of showing up to 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye at a refresh rate of 90/120 Hz, with a field-of-view of 110 degrees, and Foveated rendering technology.

It will use an eye-tracking mechanism and inside-out technology to identify and monitor the headset and its controlers.

The Playstation VR2 will also include a small vibration motor that allows the player to better sense what the character he is directing is exposed to, such as raising the character's heartbeat at crucial moments or enhancing the user's sense of fast-moving objects.

We don't know when the glasses will be available or how much they will cost.

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