Apple Watch 8 Pro is coming with a different design

There are a number of reports suggesting that Apple may make the biggest change to the Apple Watch 8 Pro, which will be launched this year, as the company is expected to move away from the square design, but will not move towards a circular design that resembles the Galaxy Watch.

This year, Apple will launch three models of the Apple Watch: the standard Apple Watch 8, the Apple Watch 8 SE, and the Apple Watch 8 Pro.

The main objective of this new change to the Apple Watch 8 Pro is the desire to enlarge the screen. The screen size of the Apple Watch 8 Pro will be 7% larger than the screen size of the standard model.

In addition to the large screen, a group of leaks indicated that the watch will be made of more durable materials. It will also come with a larger battery. It is possible that the company will add a sensor to measure body temperature and is likely to add it to the standard model.

In addition to the features and manufacturing durability, rumors spread that the Pro model is designed specifically for athletes, so the company will add some other features that help users monitor sports performance professionally. But for the company, it has not confirmed any information about that yet.

As for the price, if these rumors are true, the price of the Apple Watch 8 Pro may reach $1,000.

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